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Breeding Philosophy
Our goal is for a healthy, athletic dog with a good disposition. We want a great family – hunting partner. Intelligence and marking abilities are extremely important.

Breeding Program
We look at both dog’s personalities to make sure the breeding will be an improvement for the breed. Then we look at their pedigree to make sure they come from solid breeding with no in-breeding or line breeding. Both dogs must have current eye and hip ratings of good or excellent.

Titles help us prove our breeding program. The titles show the abilities of our dogs. As a buyer it says that the dogs can meet the standards set by the association that awards the titles.

We guarantee both the eyes and hips of our dogs to be defect free.

Hunt Our Dogs
We hunt all of our dogs, that’s why we are in the kennel business. We feel if we hunt our dogs we are seeing what our clients are getting, and it helps us in our breeding program. We want the best hunting and family dogs.

Yes, we ship our puppies – dogs. All dogs must have a health certificate issued by a vet before they are put on a plane.

AKC Registration
All of our dogs are registered. This means the pedigree is on file with AKC and can be verified as a pure-breed Labrador Retriever.

Does the color of the dog make a difference?
The color of a lab doesn’t make a difference in its ability in hunting. Color is mostly personal choice.

1st "Pick" - how important is it?
It’s not really that important. Most puppies are chosen between 7 and 9 weeks of age. This is way too young to predict how the dog will turn out. Selection is done more by features of the pup, the size and personality changes as the pup gows. The biggest impact in developing a dog is its environment, training, socialization, along with good nutrition and exercise.

We do not sell to pet shops or Commercial dealers for resale.



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