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I met Dave on a hunting trip set up by a mutual friend. While hunting quail with him I told him of my desire to get a started dog. Dave asked me many questions about what and how I hunt, what I was seeking in a dog and when I would be ready for an addition to our family. Two years later I was ready and Dave made the selection of a black female for me. I fell in love instantly. She has a sweet temperment and took to the water and birds immediately. We had her for several months before taking her back to Dave for her formal huntdog training. Dave made sure to invite me up to High River so that he could watch me work with the dog and correct my approach. Dave is extremely knowledgeable, loving with the dogs and has explained so much about genetics, training and socialization. I am so very glad I met him on that hunt and had the opportunity to see him in action with his dogs.

We got Lacy back last year in April and she has been with us since. She just completed her first full year in the field and I could not be happier. She retrieved plenty of ducks, geese, chukar and pheasant in her first year and she goes crazy when I break out a bumper to go practice. I can't say enough about Dave and High River Labs!

Juan Ossa
Claremont, CA


Chris and I started out the process of getting another Labrador Retriever in August of 2009. We researched and talked to many breeders all over the United States. We consistently kept coming back to High River Labs. Dave, you were very patient, knowledgeable, and accessable throughout the search of our new hunting dog. Dave walked us through the intense process of choosing the correct breeder, genetics, and characteristics that we desired in a hunting lab. At times, I was confused and Dave made sure that my questions were answered properly.

The process of deciding which breeder, breeding bitch (TJ) and stud (Land Ahoy) was a no brainer for us. High River Labs is dedicated to proper breeding, quality genetics and honesty. Dave met me in Boise, Idaho to pick up our new puppy and was very accommodating in all areas. He gave me the opportunity to experience and meet all of the dogs on his trailer. It was clear to us that Dave is the best in the business and strives for the best dogs and breeding.

Dave chose our puppy for us and she is very attentive, alert and has all of the beautiful qualities that a Labrador Retriever should. We named our HRL puppy “Maya” Bird Dog of High River Labs. We are so excited and confident that Maya will grow into the hunter that we expect. She certainly has the quality genetics of a professional hunter. Dave continues to educate us on training, hunt tests and breeding of this amazing breed. We will continue working with Dave and HRL now and in the future.

Thanks for all of your help,
Chris and Robin Jones
Dayton, Ohio


I have known Dave Siple for over five years now. He has sold me two fantastic labs. More important than having sold me great dogs, though, is the fact that Dave knows what he is doing and really understands dogs. He stands by the dogs that he sells and he is always willing to offer advice and guidance on how to get the most out of the dogs that he has sold. I would recommend Dave Siple and High River Labs to anybody who is looking for a great hunting and companion dog.

Thomas R.

My chocolate Lab, “Seamus the HUNTER,” out of “Mocha” and “Bones” is by far the most intelligent, responsive and beautiful dog I have ever owned. “Hunter” arrived direct from the personal care of High River Labs. He arrived very well socialized and well cared for, allowing his naturally happy nature to shine through from the start. He is a noble hound exuding dignity and grace. His temperament is one of quiet confidence, high attentiveness, and trust, with dashes of curiosity and cheeky humour thrown in for good measure. Attention to detail on the breeding selection and early exposure to a safe, nurturing environment manifested these personality traits. Hunter’s confirmation is stellar and radiographically his hips and other joints are perfect. As a veterinarian, it is my automatic first inclination to always neuter a dog. However, in “Hunter’s case I have decided to hold off at present as Hunter’s gene pool is far too rich to ignore. People literally stop me on the street to ask where they can get such a dog.

Dave Sipel is a most caring, dedicated breeder and has the dog’s very best interest at heart. He is delightful to work with over the miles and very accommodating. In fact, Dave sent me photos as the pups grew, helped me select the exact “companion animal” personality type I wanted in a dog, drove my pup with his siblings and mom from Nebraska to Portland, let “Hunter” watch his mom on a hunt, organized the necessary U.S. veterinary inspection and Customs documentation on his end, and ensured “Hunter” was tucked safely in a suitable crate with an escort before allowing him to fly to Canada to meet his new owner. Dave has kept in touch with me this past year, always checking up on Hunter’s welfare. I would not hesitate to adopt one of Dave Sipel’s pups in the future.

M. M. Clarance
DVM Vancouver, BC Canada

I purchased Tess from an out-of-state kennel that Dave was working with before he started High River Labs. From his initial communications with me by phone and email, I knew I was dealing with a pro. Recognizing that I 'didn't know what I didn't know', Dave managed my expectations given the short window of time he would have to train Tess prior to the upcoming season. His focus on obedience, then on retrieving and bird handling, laid the perfect foundation upon which Tess developed.

About a month before Dave was to ship Tess to me, I visited the training facility to not only meet the dog and Dave, but to have Dave train ME how not to undo all of their hard work together! He taught me to recognize the dog's limitations in her first season, carefully explained what he'd trained her to do thus far, showed me how to reinforce that training, and suggested next steps that I could take on as we grew in experience together. His hospitality and generousity during my stay only furthered my impression of him as a professional dedicated to ensuring a positive overall experience with his services.

Dave is as dedicated to his dogs - their health, training, and success in the field - as any professional I've ever met. He strives to please his clients, train their dogs to their liking, and over-deliver on his promises. That Tess is obsessed with retrieving comes from her bloodlines, but it's thanks to Dave's excellent training that I have such a great hunting companion. I look forward to breeding her with Dave's assistance in the future!

David Diekmann



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